Project Status


Dedicated Freight Corridor Projects (EDFC & WDFC) 



(Ending September 2019)



1. Project in brief:

a. Total length of Eastern & Western DFC - 2843 Kms (except Sonnagar-Dankuni section)

b. (Eastern – 1337 kms, Western – 1506 kms)

c. Target - 2019- 2021 (in phases)

d. Total Expenditure upto 30.09.2019 - Rs. 51,771 Crores (including cost of land)

e. Overall Financial progress - 63.6% (including land)

f. Overall Physical progress - 67.5%

g. Funding:

Total Estimated Cost - Rs. 81,459 Crores


Debt Equity ratio of the project is 3:1


Eastern corridor

Ludhiana-Mughalsarai (1192 km) with World Bank funding of (US $ 2.110 billion)

Mughalsarai-Sonnagar (126 km) with Indian Railway funding of Rs 3679 cr

Dankuni-Sonnagar (538 km) through PPP (Rs 12,218 cr)

Western corridor

Dadri-JNPT(1504 km) (Phase-I & II) with JICA funding of Rs 38,722 cr

54 major bridges with Indian Railway funding of Rs 675 cr.

All loans with World Bank and JICA tied-up.


2. Highlights:



Successful run of Electric Locomotive in Khurja-Bhadan section was carried out on 15th August 2019.



Progress of awarded works:


Track laying of 2144 Track kms completed by Mechanized track Construction (NTC Machine).

For the first time in India, OHE mast foundation using mechanized auguring mechanism & OHE wiring using mechanized wiring train is being carried out. The OHE wiring train is capable of carrying out wiring of 3 km/shift as compared to 1 km/shift by conventional means. Total 4 machines (3 in EDFC & 1 in WDFC) are presently in operation.


Catenary and Contact wire laying of 1188 km has been completed till September 2019.



Award of Contracts:



All Civil contracts of EDFC & WDFC have been awarded.


Overall contracts worth Rs. 52,387 crores have been awarded till date (97.8% of the overall contracts).

Further contracts under finalization : Rs. 1868 crores